Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day +9.  Casey's mucositis is also in his esophagus, they have him on a morphine pump to help manage the pain.  He can hit the button every 10 minutes.  He sleeps a lot, when he is able. They did warn us that this would be a rough time. Now we just wait for the new cells to engraft and take over.  Too bad the olympics aren't on 24 hours.  I'm not sure if he is up to doing his laps tonight, we'll see.  
He is very proud of the job his swimmers did at leagues.  He had people reporting in to him.  You guys made him smile.  Way to go LAC, you kids continue to be an inspiration to him.


  1. Well maybe this saying will help him..."When the going gets tough, the tough get going". In my swimming days, when I was at a meet in Ohio, I bought a towel with this saying and never forgot it. Have no idea where the towel is, but never forgot that saying. Keep that in mind and keep on fighting, you are a fighter Casey!!!

  2. One day at a time Casey and Mom too!
    It will get better. Many prayers are with you and much love is coming your way.

  3. hang in there Casey!! Your doing a great job of fighting, keep up the fight!!! I know Peggy said the LAC kids are an inspiration to you and I know they are but you are also a hugh inspiration to them!! Their fighting for you !!!! and your fighting for them!! KEEP FIGHTING!!!!
    Love ya ,
    Aunt Sis