Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day +5.  Casey is feeling tired and a bit nauseous today.  I think the reason he is feeling so crappy is because he found out the cord blood came from a different place than we were originally told.  Originally we thought both were coming from Germany, then were told one was from Germany and one was from France.  The day of the transplant we found out actually one came from the United States and one came from France.  One has a blood type of A+ the other one is O+.  We are not sure which one is from France and which one is from the USA (we'll see if we can find out), but only one will take over his body, and his blood type will be the one that won out.  Last night we found out the one from the US came from the Carolina Cord Blood Bank.  I saw the blood as it was going into him, and it wasn't Carolina Blue!  I googled the Carolina Blood Bank to see where it is from, and it is from DUKE.  For those of you who don't know, Casey is a UNC alumni, and Duke is their biggest rival.  At orientation they teach the in coming freshman, from now on you spell Duke "D.O.O.K." and you spell North Carolina State "H.I.C.K.".  As I kept reading the Carolina Cord Blood Bank's information, it said they collect umbilical cords from Duke, UNC, NC State's hospital and Wake Forest's hospitals.  No matter where the blood comes from, Casey will always have Carolina Blue Blood.  Way to go Heels for winning tonight!


  1. The blood may not have looked like Carolina Blue but I am sure it was or Casey would not have left them give it to him. I am sure he is going to be Carolina Blue forever. Love ya and hope to see you cheering on the Tar Heels real soon.

  2. Way to go Casey! Way to go Peggy!
    Bad news is no matter what Casey will always be a Yankee!