Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day +3.  I got out of the house and am up with Casey.  He is having some stomach issues and is tired, pretty much the same as it has been the past few days.  I asked him if he is bored, and he says no.  He is not feeling well enough to want to do anything other than lay around.  But after what he has been through, I think he is doing great.  Last night our church caught on fire.  It is sad.  I got baptized there, confirmed, married, had my children baptized and confirmed there and my grandparents funerals were there.  But like Casey, I know it will come back stronger and better.  There are just going to be some bumps in the road along the way.


  1. Hang in there Casey, it's only going to get better. So sorry to hear about your church, Peggy, saw it on the news tonight. You will be surprised how many people, businesses and other churches will be there to help in some way.
    Take care and stay warm!!!

  2. Hang tough guys, God will not let you down. He has be there along your journeys through life and nwo will be no different.
    I know Casey is glad to have "his mom" back today! Peggy you are the BEST!