Friday, February 5, 2010

Day -3 is not a good day.  Casey is feeling really bad.  His face is swollen, his head and jaw ache and he is nauseous.  He stops throwing up long enough to let out a few curse words.   Thank goodness this room is pretty sound proof!  They gave him morphine for the pain.  It would be nice if he could just sleep.  He is saying this really sucks.  Can't say as though I disagree.  He just said if I want to try this he will teach me how.  You know if I could, I would do it for him.  They are telling us this will last for about 24 hours.  Tomorrow they will try giving him this medicine at a slower pace along with benadryl, to hopefully avoid him getting this sick again.
Looking forward to a better day tomorrow.


  1. Hi there!
    Keep up the fight, Casey!!!! Think of the positive and how good you are going to feel when you are finished with this treatment. Can't wait to see you back on the pool deck. Prayers and thoughts coming your way :-)

    The Karr's

  2. Hey Casey, we love ya and you know I would do anything for ya!!! Hang in there, I know you can do this and we are here for you!!!
    Love Aunt Sis

  3. Keeping you all in our prayers and surrounding all of you with God's love and healing!

  4. Casey, Keep fighting! You are truly an inspiration! and continue to be in our thoughts and prayers

  5. Thinking of you daily, hang in there. You are on our church's prayer list (St. Pauls UMC - Etown)as well as mine!

  6. Thinking of you Casey, and you too Peggy I know as a mom it hurts so much to see one of your kids suffer. Bet he would rather be doing one of the long fly or Im sets from the old days than what he is going through!

  7. Oh my Mom, I understand how difficult it is to see your kid suffer. Hang in there and know how much you all are loved.

    Prayers and hope from all the Kegels!