Thursday, August 14, 2014

Casey had another successful visit to Houston. His immune system is strong enough that they gave him his baby vaccines again. His liver function is good so he is off of his liver pills and off of his anti rejection medications. All is looking good. Stevie made the trip with him this time, so Gary and I stayed at home with all the dogs. We had a total of 5 dogs this week (Casey's one, Stevie's two, and our two). I have been walking all 5 of them at least once a day. I got a round of applause yesterday as I walked by a neighbors house. Most people just think I am nuts. The pups rearrange my furniture every day while I am at work, but other than that, they have been good. I also have Casey's 2 cats, so I think the furniture rearranging has a lot to do with pussy cat hunting.
The last couple of months have been busy. Gary and I spend as much time at the beach as we can. Casey has been to California twice, Buffalo and Bucknell. His kids did an outstanding job in the pool and I know he is very happy, but exhausted. He probably slept in his own bed 2 nights in the past 2 months, but I am sure it was all worthwhile. Stevie's husband Erik is in France and Germany for the next two weeks wrapping up his summer season, so it is nice for Casey and Stevie to have sibling time together. I am sure if they were going to plan a trip together, Houston and hospitals would not be their choice for a destination. Next week we will all get together in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to celebrate my mother's birthday.
Casey is not the only miracle we have going on these days. Stevie and Erik are going to have a baby girl in January. Originally she was carrying 2 baby girls, but lost one. It has been a real storm of emotions. Erik is also a cancer survivor, so her getting pregnant was a very big deal, we were elated. Then we found out it was twins, we were a little overwhelmed. We got used to the idea and we were anxious. Then Stevie found out one of them was not doing well, we were hopeful. When the second heartbeat stopped, we were all very sad. We are now at peace and looking forward to welcoming our new miracle this winter. I just hope she is not as big as her daddy, or Stevie is in for a long labor and delivery.