Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day +15.  Casey is having a good day.  His computer is fixed, his white blood count is up to .3, and he was able to eat some yogurt and applesauce.  His platelets and red blood count were real low, so he was transfused with both of them today.  We did 5 laps around the nurses station tonight.  He is talking about going home in a week.  I'm not sure what the doctors say about that, but it is good for him to think of positive things.  His counts have a long way to go, but we are on the upside now.  Yeah!  The mucositis in his throat had him snoring like a freight train (or his Uncle Dale, depending on who you talk to).  I think he was waking himself up.  That has even subsided a bit.  The first 30 days after the transplant are the most critical, and we are half way there.
Whoever put the Starbucks in this hospital is my hero.... A wine bar would make the drive home too difficult.


  1. Yeah, go Casey, go Casey, I'm doing baby circles, keep those counts going up, up, and up!!! So happy things are turning around for you, you so deserve it!!! Stay strong!!!

  2. So glad to hear things are looking up, even if ever so slowly. We appreciate your humor amongst all the stress, Peggy, as I'm sure Casey does too! Our prayers are with you all!Blessings to you, Leonard & Cheryl Hollinger.

  3. Peggy, how you can make a joke out of all the drama is astounding. I laughed my ass off at that last comment, and I know you really mean it! So relieved to hear counts are going in the right direction, its all progress! Tell Casey a kegger won't be too far in his future!