Friday, February 12, 2010

Day +4.  Casey seems to be a bit better today.  He got out of bed and went for a little walk tonight (2 laps around the nurses station).  Last night his friend called to try to make him feel better by telling Casey, he threw up yesterday.  Way to take one for the team Eric, it seems to be working, it definitely lifted his spirits.  His numbers continue to drop.  Monday they should bottom out, and then start the recovery process.  That is if Casey does what is normal.  We'll see, Casey has always been a little weird.  I wonder where that comes from?  Maybe he's spending too much time with Big Bob.
Til Tomorrow,


  1. Way to go Casey, 2 laps, whoot, whoot!!!! Casey, normal, huh???? That's what we love about him, we do not know normalcy here either. Take care!!!! Until tomorrow.....

  2. I say way to go Peggy, you are such a great cheerleader. The best thing is Casey can still count on his Mom and isn't afraid to say so.

    Good work Casey!