Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day +12.  Casey's counts are still at the bottom of the barrel, but he seems to be feeling a little better today.  Big Bob pulled a good one on Casey today.  Big Bob's wife is a gastroentorologist here at the hospital.  When Dr. Ehmann checked on Casey today he asked about his stomach and bowels (which is typical doctor talk around here).  A few hours later a doctor from gastroenterology came in and said to Casey, "I hear you have been having some stomach issues, so I am here give you a colonoscopy."  Gary said Casey's eyes got big for about a second, and then immediately realized Big Bob was behind it.  Bob's wife stuck her head in the door and Gary and Bob got hysterical.  I seem to miss all of the good stuff.  Gary and Casey are still laughing about it.
Annie and Bowie skyped Casey today.  They were really excited to see him again.  Annie was twisting and turning her head and Bowie was real intent on what was going on.  So I would say today was a pretty good one.
Til Tomorrow,

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  1. one word...AWESOME!!!! So glad Casey is feeling a little better. I could just see his face when they were talking colonscopy, priceless I'm sure.
    Take care Peggy, you are such a great mom, stay strong, Casey learned from the best!!!