Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Casey had another great check-up yesterday.  His blood counts are now in the normal range and he is feeling great.  Friday is day 100, so we were expecting a bone marrow biopsy, but they ran out of time.  Casey was not disappointed.  He is not off of the hook, they have one scheduled in 3 weeks.  I am so amazed at how well Casey looks and feels.  He was seen by a fellow (hematology/oncology doctor in training) yesterday prior to Dr. Ehmann. The fellow (who is a graduate of Wilson High School) was briefed on Casey before he came in to see him.  I can tell I am not the only person who is amazed with Casey's recovery!
Casey and Stevie spent 10 days in California the week of Aug. 8th.  They had a swimmer competing in Nationals and Jr. Nationals.  She did so well she qualified to swim in a meet in Maui this week (but they didn't get to go along on that trip). Stevie has now moved out.  I am so grateful to her for putting her life on hold this past year to help us out.  Hopefully now, she can focus on getting a teaching job, and something will come her way.
As for me, I am having the best summer ever!