Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

Casey continues to be doing well. His doctor is very pleased with his progress. She says things could not be going any better. Casey now only has to see her once a week. He still has to go to the hospital every other day to have his chemo changed and to have blood work done.
We had a nice evening with Charlie, Melissa, Riley and Conner. Brandon Siemasko stopped by to say hello too. I am attaching a photo of Charlie, Casey, Riley and Conner. I had not seen Riley since she was a toddler. I can't believe she didn't remember me! Actually, she was too polite to admit it. Casey is very lucky to be a part of such a nice family!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013

Casey had some visitors today. Paige Daniel and her family stopped in to visit. Paige is one of Casey's swimmers at Lancaster Aquatic Club. She graduated from high school and is off to Bucknell in the fall. Her family (mother, father, sister and brother) were in Texas for a family vacation, and took the time to stop in and see Casey before flying home today. That was nice.
This round of chemo has been real easy on Casey (so far). He is supposed to be discharged tomorrow. We can celebrate Father's Day without our dads. I am sure Gary is happy to watch the golf match tomorrow and hopefully my dad will know we are thinking of him. We will call to remind them.

Following is a poem written by Gary's cousin's granddaughter.


It's been years and years
Everyone watched as you struggled
Your in my prayers
There is no trouble

Sadley your cancer has come back
Don't worry, don't let it get you off track
You've fought for years, do it some more
Before you know it you will be walking out those hospital doors

Your with the best of the best
So take a deep breath
You need to stay strong
Your where you belong

The family is thinking of you
Everyone can't wait to see you
Your in everyones thoughts, everyones prayers
Don't worry Casey, hang in there

Thank you Sammie. I couldn't have said it better!

Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013

We made it to Houston on Wednesday night. Casey had blood work and a bone marrow biopsy followed by a doctor visit and admission into the hospital. His doctor said "Congratulation, you are in remission!" He will still have to complete the full regimen of 5 cycles. Last year on this weekend, we had Stevie's bachelorette party and I had such a good time that I didn't think it could be topped. This topped it. This is my new favorite weekend.
It is hot in Houston with about 95% humidity. You quickly lose that just showered freshness by walking a couple of feet outside. I went for a swim at 8:00 this morning at the hotel, it was hot then already. Felt good after sitting in the car for 2 days and sitting in the hospital yesterday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12,2013

We drove over 800 miles yesterday. Through PA, MD, WV, VA, TN, and GA. We spent the night in Birminham, AL. We have another 700 miles to go today through Mississippi and Louisiana before we get to Houston. The weather has been good, the highways are easy and the music on the radio has been good. Not a bad trip at all.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013

Casey continues to be doing well. He left on Wednesday for a swim meet in California. I have not heard much from him while he has been there. He is coming home late Monday night, and Casey and I are driving to Houston on Tuesday morning. He is scheduled to check in the hospital on Thursday morning to start round #2 of 5. I will definitely have saddle sores when we arrive in Texas. I am figuring it will take 22 - 24 hours. We are not taking Gary with us. He is no good on road trips, so he has graciously offered to stay at home with the dogs (that is if you consider "No way am I riding in a car that long" a gracious offer). I will be flying home on June 18th and leaving Casey's car in Texas so he will have transportation to get back and forth to the hospital when he is discharged.
Next time I post will be from Houston.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2, 2013

Casey made it home on Friday night. Stevie and Caroline picked him up at the airport and took him along with her to work. Gary and I picked him up at Goucher College. Looked like any other day seeing Casey on a pool deck. Caroline is very happy to have him home. Caroline has been staying at Stevie's house. She will be staying at our house during his next round.
Casey's friend, Kyle, has been staying at Casey's house while he is out of town. Kyle was in the process of finding a new place to live when Casey found out he had to spend the next 6 or 7 months in Houston. This morning our pastor said "there is no such thing as coincidence". When I think about all the things that have fallen into place (Charlie being in Houston, Kyle needing a place to live, etc), I am in awe.
I made dinner for Casey and Kyle last night, Kyle's mom, Stevie (and her dogs) and Aunt Debbie and Dwayne joined us. It was a nice evening. Casey does get tired, unfortunately the pups do not.

Happy Reunion