Friday, February 26, 2010

Day +18.  Casey is doing great today.  He white blood count went up to .6 today.  3 days in a row .5 and higher.  I'm feeling real good about the way things are progressing.  We need to get him out of here so he can do his income taxes!  Yesterday he got a card from friends at church.  Somehow they got it signed by a lot of the church members and currently we don't even have a church.  The building burned so we are a nomad congregation, traveling to different churches for services.  It just proves a church is so much more than a building.  Thank you to everyone.  Taxes, burned churches and leukemia are just some of the nuisances we are looking to move beyond.


  1. Hi Casey and Peggy, I am reading your blog and thinking back to 1 year ago, when our daughter Katelyn, age 14 was at Hershey getting her bone marrow transplant. I can say to you: been there and done that! I was Peggy's neighbor back in Reinholds for many years!
    Cindye Moyer Dundore, we have and continue to be doing just fine. I pray for you and your family to be saying the exact same words. Hang in there, Hershey is a great hospital. Read Katelyn's blog, when you really need something to do. Oh yes, Peggy I too really like the coffee shop but my wallet didn't.

  2. That's great to hear! Your continued optimism & faith is surely shining thru & oh so admirable! Keep up the great work!

    FYI-still waiting to hear if my DNA testing was a "match" for potential donation.

    Deb Ramsey