Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Day!!!  The fever finally broke and his blood counts are starting to recover.  I am still holding my breath for the 4:00 hour.  He is so much better today, he actually ate some food on his own.  He is able to sit up and feed himself.  It is far from a full meal, but at least he is getting some nourishment in him. His white blood count went from 0.1 on Sunday to 0.2 yesterday and 0.6 today, which means his immune system is coming back and his body can help fight the infection instead of relying soley on the antibiotics.  He is still considered neutropenic as long as his white count is under 2.0, so he still has a way to go.  His bronchoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow. 
Big Bob was on standby, as he was not up to having anyone come to visit.  He called him today and told him to come on in.  Big Bob's wife (Dr. Bethards) would stop in during her rounds offering to help in any way.  The Bethards family is special, as is the LAC and UNC families. 
While hanging out with Casey, I have been reading Cesar Millan's new book on how to raise the perfect dog through puppyhood and beyond.  My puppies are definitely not balanced. I feel like such a failure!
I plan to return to work tomorrow
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!


  1. Peggy

    Glad to hear Casey is turning around. The girls and I continue to pray for him daily. Rebecca starts high school prep with coach Beck next week. She still misses Casey, but enjoys beong able to keep up on his status through your blog. This weekend is Hempfeld homecoming. Lots of kids and parents coming here for photos and then later that night, a girls only sleep over!

    Judy Nichols

  2. Peggy,
    I was so happy when Stevie told me how well Casey was doing today.. had tears in my eyes. I was so worried for him the past few days but knew in my heart he would overcome.
    Your puppies and you, Sass(Jenn's dog) and I should do an obedience class. Sass is a spoiled first grand-dog for sure!
    Bethards are the best... bet Bob has told Casey he will make a tee time as soon as he is up to it. Hope he has a course without too many houses with windows close by :)

  3. Mom Coble,
    I remember you telling me at an NMBC swim meet that you liked the name Casey because you liked how it sounded when you were cheering for him. Please know that your voice is not the only one out there cheering right now. We might be far away, but we are standing on the side cheering our hearts out for Casey's victory.... which will surely come. I love you guys and am praying for Casey and you. Thank you for taking the time to update this blog, even when I know it is very difficult to do.
    With love,
    Jenn (Windstein) Womble

  4. Dear Peggy,
    I have a son Casey's age (also a swimmer who grew up in Middle Atlantic). I don't know that you and I have ever met, but I remember Casey from years ago and I have had the pleasure of working with him during his coaching days at LAC (I work in the Middle Atlantic office.) I think you are a truly amazing woman and your spirit certainly shines through in these updates that you are sharing about Casey. We are all pulling for him and sending thoughts and prayers of strength and hope to your whole family. Please give my best to Casey and thank you for keeping us posted on his progress.

    Cherita Gentilucci

  5. Thanks Peggy for posting these daily updates. We are so happy to hear that the fever broke and things seem to be on the upswing. Great!!Please tell Casey we miss him. PS .Tell Casey There are no ugly picutres of EMily in this weeks wed paper so you can restart your subscription to Lancaster newspapers. Casey and your family will continue to be in our prayers. Lisa C

  6. Hey Peggy,
    Great news to hear. Tell Casey we are thinking of him and praying for him everyday. He needs to get real strong so he can get his picture on a mug for Darryl. We love you all and will continue to lift everyone up in pray. Your puppies just need The D whisperer.
    The Gordons