Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Casey is off to Colorado Springs.  They have a bit of snow out there.  The news is reporting about 2 feet!

He had his bone marrow tested yesterday, it will take 3 days for us to get the results.  His blood work looks great.  His counts are up to a normal persons!  The only bad news we got is they are struggling to find a match for his bone marrow transplant (so I guess he's not so normal after all).  I'm excited about what we are hearing from people who are planning on participating in the bone marrow drive today.  My neighbor has another one scheduled for December 1st at the Ephrata Rec.  You have no idea how touched we are by all the kind word and deeds people have offered.  I truly believe people are good.  Casey and Stevie made the front page of today's Lancaster newspaper. Stevie was not expecting to be photographed and had wet hair.  Casey will be admitted into the hospital for another round of chemo on Thursday, November 5th, so he and Stevie can go to the World Series game on Monday night.  Let's go Phillies!!

Annie and Bowie have finally been spayed and microchipped.  They are moving slow, which is very unusual for them.  They spent their first night since birth in seperate crates and did just fine with it.  The crates are right next to each other.

I am going to work, but plan on getting to the bone marrow drive as soon as I can.  I am really looking forward to it.

Hope to see you there,

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  1. What a turnout! I can only imagine how you must feel Peggy! Sure are hoping that there is a match! You have so many friends and supporters. Saw Denny Chan tonight at East Hemp rec he said to tell you that they are thinking of you all. Casey has touched so many lives in many ways. I am so glad he can be with Emily