Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009

I have not posted in a while, because there really is nothing new to say.  Believe me, that is a good thing!  Somethings in life really make you appreciate the same old thing!  Casey asked to go out to Outback for dinner tonight.  I was thrilled.  It meant he is feeling good and I don't have to cook.  His counts are at the point now where he can go out.  Today is the last day he has to give himself his IV antibiotics.  He has gotten the ok from his doctor to go to Colorado Springs, to the Olympic Training Center on Thursday, with one of his swimmers (Emily Cameron).  Casey and his friend Kyle, were talking about when they were invited to the training center, and how much more fun it would be to go as a coach, instead of an athlete (sorry Emily).

Casey has an appointment with his doctor on Wednesday (wouldn't you know it, the day the puppies are scheduled for their surgery).  At that appointment, we should find out what is happening next. If they are any closer to finding a match, and they will probably do a bone marrow biopsy to find out if they have gotten the leukemia into remission.  They take a giant needle and stick it into the center of his bone through his hip and scrape out the bone marrow.  That is how it has been described to me, I have never gone through the procedure, nor have I ever cared to watch them do it.  They have said I can be there, but I have always gone for a walk.  All of you moms out there can understand.

Hopefully, I will be reporting in on Thursday with good news.

As always, thank you,


  1. Oh that's great news, Peggy!!!! Sounds like Casey is getting back to his ole self, how fantastic is that!!! We watch for updates daily, so we will be watching, thanks!!

  2. Hi Casey. You probably don't remember me but I was in your class in high school. I was nosing around facebook and came upon you profile and then this blog. I'm not going to be able to join in the mustache growing thing (haha) but I wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes to a speedy recovery...Pam Boyer

  3. OH GEE THANKS CASEY! hahahah


  4. Casey

    Glad you are feeling well enough to head to Colorado. I hope you have a fantastic time cause I'm sure Emily will make you proud. Praying for you always.

    Judy Nichols

  5. How wonderful you can go with Emily! I know Stevie would have loved to have gone but all she wanted was for you Casey to go, what a great sister!
    Just got the e-mail about the bone marrow donor drive on Thursday you should post it here if you can. I will send it on to all the LAC families I know.