Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009

Another day up at Hershey.  Casey was not feeling well this morning, his counts are way down, and he has a cough.  They took chest xrays, and said they will give us a call if anything shows up.  Right now we are in a holding pattern.  I am not sure what or when things happen next.  He will go back up on Friday to have more blood drawn and to keep him under a watchful eye. 

A lot of people have generously offered to be tested for their bone marrow.  My goal was to have an answer today, but once again the day got ahead of me.  He got a packet of info from his advocate, which I took with me today to read.  There is nothing in the information about that.  The phone number for be the match is 1-800-627-7692.  It is always after 5:00 until I can make the phone call.  I think you can order a kit which includes a swab for you to swab you mouth and send back in.  Everything that I am learing is you would then be on a National Registry and could be called by anyone to donate.  You don't have to if you are not willing or able.  They are in big need of mixed race and asian ethnicity.  Fortunately for Casey 73% of people on the registry are of Caucasion tissue type and patients are most likely to match someone of their own ethnic backgrounds.  If you are of another ethnicity other than caucasion, they would love to have you on their registry to give everyone more of a chance of a cure.

As always, we are overwhelmed with all of your kindness.

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