Monday, April 26, 2010

A plan is in place.  May 12th Casey starts chemo with the transplant happening on May 19th.  Casey and Stevie got a ticket for me to join them at the Phillies game on Mother's Day.  I am looking really looking forward to spending the day with my kids... and then it's down to business!
Several months ago, we got a letter from a woman who we never met.   She took the time to write a 2 page letter about her son who has a similar story to Casey's.  His cancer was put into remission, only to return so they decided a transplant was the route they needed to go.  None of his siblings were a match, nor could they find anyone on the national registry.  They transplanted him with his own stem cells...which didn't work.  The next step was a transplant from a young man.  That was six years ago and he is doing great.  I can't tell you how many times I have read that letter.  Sound familiar?  All your letters, notes and acts of kindness have a huge impact, just like this lady, I am sure you will never realize how important they are to us.  Casey is terrible with thank you cards, believe me I try.  I think it's a boy thing.


  1. Casey is better with "thank you's" than you might think - every single time that I have sent him a little note of encouragement via e-mail, he has ALWAYS replied with a "thank you". He's an amazing guy in so very many ways. It's quite obvious that this apple didn't fall far from the family tree.
    With continued prayers and best wishes,
    Cherita Gentilucci

  2. So onward he goes!! Peggy I too cant wait to spend mothers day at the game with you and the kids and Derek!! It should be a good time prior to Caseys next step!! I agree casey does say his thank yous anything I have ever done for him I recieve a thank you!! Love to you guys!!!
    Aunt Sis

  3. Have fun on Mother's Day and enjoy each other as I'm sure you will. I'm sure you are going to have to keep Casey from over doing it at the game but I hope he enjoys it as well. He is such a sports fan, it is too funny. Thoughts and prayers coming your way....