Saturday, April 10, 2010

Casey was released from the hospital today.  He was greeted at home by 2 excited puppies.  Eating is going well for him.  He has photos of the inside of his intestines which I think I'll have framed for his birthday.  Bet he doesn't get two of those.  Casey will go to the cancer clinic on Monday and Wednesday for check-ups, and then to see Dr. Ehmann on Friday.  Meanwhile we will talk to these baby girl cells and try to get them to cooperate.  Prayers help too!


  1. Wow, what a roller coaster ride you guys are on, so glad he is home. Well you know how girls can be and apparently these girl cells are nothing different from teenage girls, very stubborn!!! Maybe if you try reverse psychology they will start cooperating, huh?? Prayers and thoughts as always!!!

  2. Okay Peggy you need to tell the rest of us when Casey's birthday is!!!! You are an incredible mother who has stayed posititve and strong through all the bumps.

    It is no wonder your kids have turned out the way they have, 2 great parents!