Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Casey continues to feel even better today.  It's hard to tell what might happen when he starts to eat again.  They are hoping to do the scope, are going to do a gall bladder test and a bone marrow biopsy.  The liquid nutrients they are giving him are making his sugar high (330), so they have been giving him shots of insulin.  At least he is not in pain anymore.  We escaped and sat outside for a bit tonight, what a nice evening.  We had to hurry back in the Phillies started playing at 7:00.  I am a channel surfer during the games, but Casey can watch the Phillies for hours on end.  I will probably leave early tonight, because he has Shane, Chase, and Cole to keep him company tonight.


  1. Must be difficult to be back at Hershey, but it's so good they can make him feel better and find out what's going on.
    Thanks for keeping us updated, Peggy.

  2. Casey we are praying for better days ahead. I hope this is just a bump in the road. We were so glad you made it to the LAC banquet. I think it raised everyone's spirits to see you there. Peggy, I will pary to Mary for you-it's so hard to watch your child go through all this.

  3. Shane , Chase and Cole.. I hope they are related to Larry, Mo and Curly to provide some much deserved laughter, I am sure