Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Casey is feeling much better today.  They have put him on steroids and are not letting him eat.  Casey gets real hungry when he is on steroids, and no food for 2 days makes him real hungry!  They have now hooked up his bag of food (TPN).  Mom's cooking will look pretty good after this week.  They would like to look inside of him with a scope to find out what they are dealing with, but his white blood count is .3 which puts him at a serious risk of infection, and his platelets are low which puts him at a risk of bleeding.  So we just wait, and try to avoid the Domino's commercials on tv.


  1. So glad Casey is feeling better, good luck with the tests and take it easy. Good luck on avoiding all the food commercials on TV, that's all they show!!!! Looking forward for better news....

  2. We are all praying for Casey to get back home real soon. Hopefully this problem isn't a result of too much Easter candy!

    Thinking of all the Cobles.

    The Kegels