Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010.  Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Casey's diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia.  I will never forget that day.  I went to the hospital thinking I was bringing Casey home with a severe case of mono, when the doctor told me to have a seat.  I can picture Casey's face being very stoic, while his legs were twitching.  Gary getting up in the middle of the night to go into the hospital, because he felt so helpless.  And waiting until the following morning to call Stevie so that she could enjoy her formal that evening.  It seems like yesterday.  What a learning experience it has been.  I first learned how to spell leukemia so I could google.  I learned about central lines, blood counts, neutrophils, methotrexate, graft vs host, but mostly I learned that I have an incredible son.  Never once during this ordeal have I heard him ask why....only what do I have to do next to get over this hurdle.  He worries that his vomitting in the middle of the night wakes me. He has passed out on the bathroom floor, when he came to, he said he was sorry. Once I had to leave work to take him to the hospital because he had a fever and by the time we got there he was too weak to walk, but he wanted me to finish out my day.  These are just a few examples of times he has apologized to me for being an inconvenience.
Some good has definitely come out of this.  This experience has brought Stevie and Casey real close together.  Growing up they fought all the time.  Now Stevie is the one who takes him for most of his treatments, and runs his errands.  Mrs. Musser is donating her stem cells to a 43 year old person she never met.  And I got a great pedicure!
Another thing I learned is how wonderful family and friends are.  Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and continued support.
One last thing, I have never for felt inconvenienced by any of this.  What I have felt is proud to be Casey Coble's mother.  I love you Casey!


  1. Oh my gosh Peggy, you are an incredible woman. Casey has been an incredible soldier fighting this war. What warriors you ALL have been. This is such an example of God's endless love for all of us and how no matter what love endures and will conquer ALL! God continues to bring us new days, new birth and miracles.
    Blessings to all the Cobles.

  2. It's hard to believe it has been four years! I think of you all so often. We take so much for granted. Jenn said that to me the other night after talking with Casey. He is way too young to be going through all this. But that being said he sure has shown us the way as far as being strong and postive minded. The power of postive thinking. Guess swimming has taught him that believe it and you will acheive it!
    You Peggy, Gary and Stevie have been such a wonderful family and support to Casey. You are GREAT! We love you all and want this to be behind you forever! You always have a positive way to look at everything Peggy leaving us with a smile. I know how hard this is to be a mom and watch you son go through all of this.
    You are awesome! Stevie, you have been so selfless giving the past year to coach for Casey, you have done such a great job and have learned so much I am sure. What a gift you gave
    Casey and the swimmers. Your are the greatest!!

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. Casey you are an inspiration to me. There are days that I am in a bad mood about something trivial then I read this blog and not once did I ever read where you complained. I pray for you and your family every night.

  4. Ok, I'm crying... We love Casey too! Peggy, you are an inspiration too! We love our children and would do anything for them. We continue to pray for Casey and know that he is truly blessed with a great family.

    Judy Nichols

  5. Wow, what a blog!!!! Can't believe it's been that long for Casey and you guys and what you all have had to endure. The Coble family is a strong family and that is what will see you all through, especially Casey. He has such strong parents, it is just amazing what all you guys have been through and keep the faith. Peggy you are an inspiration to us all. Not too sure I could keep such a great sense of humor through something like this, but you always seem to make me smile with your humor and grace. Casey WILL pull through this ordeal and be even stronger. I salute you, you are the best. Here's wishing you a Happy Mother's Day, hope you do something special for yourself. As always, thoughts and prayers coming your way....

  6. Wow Peggy you do know how to bring tears to our eyes!! I read the blog a couple days ago and could not respond yet. I knew I had an amazing family but you just top the cake. It has been a journey for our family and You guys are an inspiration to everyone!!! I believe there will be a time when you and Casey will go out speaking to others about the positive thinking and healing! Stevie what a great sister and supporter!!! Gary what a great brother and father you guys are amazing!! Thanks to everyone who reads this blog for all the prayers and support they couldnt do it without all of you!! I love you all, Keep the Faith!!!!!
    Love Aunt Sis

  7. We love you all! Thank you Sis and others for the loving & true words concerning this amazing family. Peggy you are a gifted writer using words to allow us to feel the emotions and understand the inexplainable. The Coble family has been a blessing in our lives for so many years and now an inspiration in our everyday lives. Casey we are praying for you and know God is lifting you up at every turn.
    Oh yea, Peggy if you need help with those puppies Stella can be put to good use!
    Glad your Mom is okay!
    Hugs Gordons