Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Casey has been trying to bribe his baby girl stem cells with shoe shopping, but they are not responding.  His white blood count was .3 today (normal is 5.-10.). We are anxious to hear what Dr. Ehmann says on Friday.
April 21st will mark the 4 year anniversary of Casey's diagnosis.  On April 20th, my salon is having a relay for life fundraiser, so in Casey's honor I have made an appointment for a pedicure.  I am feeling pretty good about doing my part for the American Cancer Society. 
Casey's birthday is May 3rd.  Four years ago he had his photo taken for his driver's license and was bald as a cue ball.  He was looking forward to having his photo taken with hair this time around.  He got his camera card in the mail to have his photo taken again, and once again he is bald as a cue ball.  Oh well, with Coble genes he better get used to no hair.
This week I got some really nice surprises.  Very thoughtful cards and even a chicken dinner.  Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support.  With the help of our faith and friends, we really are doing okay.


  1. I suggest we look into finding a "rug" for Casey to wear for his license picture. That would really throw them off! Let us know what color he prefers!

    You need to let us know what salon?

    Many prayers are flowing your way.

  2. Hey Casey maybe pocketbooks would be a better bribe for those babygirls!! You know I am here for you keep the faith and your positive attitude as you go on this journey!! YOU ARE STRONG!!
    Love ya Aunt Sis

  3. Yes, which salon having the fundraiser??? I hope the appointment goes well on Friday and Casey gets some answers. I'm glad the intestines are ok, but wish the transplant would just hurry up and get going-so frustrating for all of you!!! Hang in there Casey-still praying to Mary for you.


  4. Hope Casey's appt. went well today, anxious to read about it. Fundraiser at a nail salon, what a great idea!!! I'm due for a pedicure too. Well hang in there as always and I know you do, you've been so patient with everything, my hat goes off to you guys.

    About the bald issue, well you know what they say bald is beautiful :-0

    Take care, prayers and thoughts your way...