Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

Today is Casey's 31st Birthday.  We are celebrating with cake, cheetos and chemo!  What a cocktail.  My hotel shuttle driver took me to the grocery store this morning so I could get Casey a cake.  She got some balloons for Casey, she said it would make his room feel like a party.  She is from El Salvador and asked me what my name would be in Spanish.  I said "Peggycito", so now she calls me Miss Peggycito.  Down here they always call women Miss and then their first name (like Miss Stevie).  The nurses were just in here to serenade Casey with "Happy Birthday" and they brought him a little cake and a handmade blanket.  A little different from his birthday last year, but not a bad day.

Casey seems to be handling this treatment well.  Last night his blood pressure went down to 98/48, but is now up a little, and he is running a very slight fever of 99.  Later this week they will increase his medicine, but they have to make sure he can tolerate it.  His counts are dropping.  We were told his counts should not bottom out like on traditional course of treatments, but there will be ups and downs.

We have a lot of cake if anyone is in the area, stop on in and have a slice.


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  1. Peg, I just caught up on all your recent posts. I'm so sorry your lives have once again been interrupted. But I have a very good feeling about this clinical trial. I'm so glad he's able to participate in it. Your sense of humor is awesome and will go a long way in getting you through this. I gave the link to this blog to Jeremy. We're praying for all of you!