Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Casey had a rough couple of days. A fever started to set in on Thursday night and continued throughout the weekend. The nurses had him packed in ice, and Casey was feeling very sick. His lab results were all over the place, so they are not letting him leave the hospital today. The fever finally subsided yesterday and he is now able to eat a little bit of food, but is very tired. Gary is going to change his flight to come home on Thursday instead of tomorrow. Southwest Airlines is letting him do that with no additional fees. Gotta love that! In today's world where the airlines nickle and dime you for everything, it is so nice to have an airline going the extra mile to accommodate you.
The treatment Casey is receiving is a clinical trial, which means it is not FDA approved and he is a guinea pig to test whether or not it does what it is supposed to do. It is in the second phase and they have had great results with the first phase. The protocol is named BITE. The drug is from Germany and it attaches to your cells and turns them into killer cells which turn around and destroy the cancer cells. The fever hopefully is because of his mutated cells going to battle against the leukemic cells. The treatment is targeted specifically to his cells unlike traditional chemo which kills everything. I don't think he will lose his hair this time. MD Anderson was allotted 30 spots for this trial. We feel lucky to have Casey be a part of it, although I don't think he was feeling too lucky this weekend. The explanation gets a lot more scientific, and that is when I turn to my sister, Debbie and say Huh! She always knows what they are talking about.
I was able to spend Mother's Day with my daughter Stevie, my mother and my sister. I did miss seeing Casey, but hearing that he was able to eat half a hot dog yesterday, was a great gift. Hope you all enjoyed your day.


  1. I read these updates, so glad that the fever went down and that he is able to eat a little. One of these days I will take my computer down to my mother so that I can read these to her, I can"t begin to tell her what you post. She is going for eye surgery on thursday in Phila. again on the same eye that was done before. your Dad and Mother are taking her again. She likes that they are able to take her.

  2. It's just so wonderful that he's able to be in the clinical trial. It sounds so right. And yes! Southwest has the best customer service of all the airlines. Glad they're being so good to you.

  3. Praying! I'm so glad he has the opportunity to be a part of this trial. :)