Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

Casey has settled in with Charlie and is doing well. He is being very careful about where he goes and who he is around. His resistance is low and he doesn't want to get sick. He is looking forward to coming home on May 31st. He will be home for 2 weeks and then back to Houston and back into the hospital. During his time at home he will be in California at a swim meet. He is happy that his treatment schedule works out for him to be at that meet.
Some people have asked if Casey's treatment is free of charge since it is a clinical trial. The bills have not come in as of yet, but this is my understanding, the experimental drug Blinatumomab is free of charge, all other drugs (antibiotics, steroids, anti fungals, etc.) his hospital stay, doctor visits, nursing care, lab work, etc. are billed at normal prices.
For now, Casey is hanging out with the Frys, going into the hospital every other day and just laying low.

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