Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a great weekend.  Casey took his swimmers on a 3 mile hike on Saturday, and then back to his house for a picnic.  Good thing he had his mom, and some of the other moms to do the cooking (thanks Nancy and Adrienne).  Those kids wore him out.  Back at his house he needed to sit in his recliner while the kids were running around, climbing trees, and laughing at Kyle's dog who fell in love with Emily.
Then on Sunday we were off to the Phillies game.  It was cold outside, but the Phillies bats were hot.  My nephew bought me a big foam Victorino finger so I could really get into the game (and keep my hand warm)!  Victorino hit a home run with me waving my big blue foam hand.  I feel personally responsible for that home run.  It was the best mother's day ever. 
Tomorrow chemo starts in preparation for the next transplant.  What would be day 100 of his transplant (which is a huge milestone) will be day #1.  We are ready to get started.  His chemo this time around will not be nearly as heavy as the last time because they are not killing cancer, just a few cells.  His doctor says compared to what he has already gone through, this should be a walk in the park.  I suppose he figured the hike on Saturday was his training for that walk. 

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  1. Peggy many prayers are with all the Cobles, what warriors you all have been through this journey.