Sunday, May 23, 2010

Casey continues to do really well.  We took the dogs to Speedwell Lake yesterday for a little hike and a little swimming.  The dogs tend to jump and hop in the water more so than swim.  We will have to work on their doggie paddle stroke technique.  I will leave that up to Casey and Stevie.  The dogs really don't care about their stroke work, all they know is that they are having a lot of fun. 
Our friend Suzy is here from Thailand and spent the afternoon with us today.  She went along to Casey's appointment at Hershey and was asking everyone all kinds of questions.  After the appointment she went to chocolate world to buy candy to take home to her friends in Bangcock.  It is always full speed ahead with Suzy. It was great to see her again.
For now, we will keep making our daily trips to Hershey and wait for the new cells to engraft.  I will keep you posted.


  1. Perhaps soem chocolate will aide in getting those cells to engraft!

    Many prayers are sent your way!

  2. Cmon "new guys" start doing your thing! Praying for you daily! Glad to hear you are getting out and doing some enjoyable things!

  3. Hope all is well Casey, glad you were not in the hospital so long this time. Fingers crossed for those stem cells to engraft soon XXXXX.

    Sorry haven't written for a while alot going on here, but always praying for you!!!

    Take care of yourself!!