Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here we are back at Hershey Medical Center, ready for transplant #2.  Keeping all of our fingers and toes crossed that this one engrafts. This place is feeling too much like home.  After talking to a friend, I feel as though I should clarify that Karen Musser is not Casey's donor.  She signed up at the bone marrow drive they had for Casey in October, and was a match for a lady who she never met.  Casey's donor is a young man who we never met.  Thank you to everyone who have been tested.
Casey had a good week.  His friend Barry was here from Seattle, so Casey got to spend Sunday afternoon with him.  In the past couple of months he had a friend from Nashville, Chapel Hill and Seattle come to visit, but on Sunday a friend is coming from Bangcock Thailand.  She gets the prize for the most miles!  We haven't seen her in several years and will have a lot of catching up to do.



  1. We are all with you in thought and prayers. Was so good to see you both on Saturday. Was the friend from Seattle Barry Chan? Still remember the two of them and their laughs!

  2. casey,

    We will be praying for you during Laura's school Mass tomorroe. Praying for your complete healing!

    Tom, Deb and Laura Johns