Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Transplant #2 is finished, and Casey is sleeping.  He is not feeling very good.  He has a headache and is nauseous, so they gave him some medicine to knock him out.  Dr. Ehmann was discussing the fact that male donors are preferred to female donors, because men are just better... to a room full of women (Casey was the only other male in the room), knowing that we couldn't do anything to him because we needed him to do the transplant.  Wow, to have such power over a room!  Gary was disappointed that he couldn't be here, but I'm glad he wasn't, we'd never hear the end of that.
I posted some photos taken today.    This morning before I left home I grabbed my big blue Victorino finger.  I figure the day Derek got me the foam finger, I wore it proudly, waving it around and Victorino hit a home run.  Hopefully this transplant is a home run too.


  1. You are such a brave person. My HERO. It better work this time. Love ya

  2. Casey you are incredible, no why me, you are such an inspiration to soooo many. Now about those women. They have been rocks! Peggy and Stevie you are beyond words.

    May God bless you all!

  3. Hope Casey if feeling better tonight. Praying for strength and healing.

    Got a chance to see the LAC swimmer off to the meet in NC. The back of the van was loaded with girls, the front was Dan, Taylor, and Dan helping Stevie navigate (?). That's not a good idea! Anyway, I hear they got there, and are ready to post some fast times.