Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today was a beautiful sunny day.  Casey went to Hershey for his daily check-up, but didn't need any blood or platelets today.  He did have a shot of nupogen on Friday and his white blood count was up to 3.0, which means he does have a bit of an immune system.   So tonight we went to Gary's dad's house for pizza Sunday.  We also took a walk around the block this afternoon, which might have been a little bit too much, but he made it.  Tomorrow Casey's friend from Tennessee, Eric is stopping by.  They will spend the night at Casey's house.  It is nice to be coming out of seclusion and slowly returning to a bit of normalcy.


  1. Yes, it was such a beautiful day and it probably felt so good to be able to be out in the sunshine for Casey. Saw Stevie and alot of the LAC gang yesterday, it was so nice to see everyone, it was such a special group. Those LAC kids rocked at Districts, that was so nice to see. Take care of yourself and don't overdue it. Thinking of you every day!!!

  2. So glad Casey is home and getting better each day. Your family is in our prayers. Lloyd/Shirley

  3. Keep up the good work Casey! Your fighting attitude is getting you far. It is great that you are home and doing nwell. Can't wait for those levels to climb! You are inspiration to everyone and your swimmers are lucky to have you as an example to keep on fighting. I'm sure they will swim hard and do well. Always thinking and praying for you and your family. Oh and I'm glad Mia and Jordan found such a good home! Beth