Friday, March 5, 2010

Casey continues to hold steady.  Last night we went to his house to get some tax information together.  That might have been a little too much for him.  He gets really tired.  Right now he is soaking in an oatmeal bath to help sooth his rash. His counts are going down, instead of up, but they had stopped the shots of nupogen, so it is not too unusual. Today they gave him a shot to help.  He gets platelets almost every day.  So we are still hanging on and waiting for the new little baby girl cells to engraft.   Did I ever fill you in on that?  Not only are the cells from France and Duke, they are also both girls! 
Today the Kile's sent him some hot sauce that they get in California. We had spaghetti with hot sauce for dinner and Casey enjoyed it, but I made pig out of myself.  Next to Geri Woodring's, it was the best spaghetti ever.
We are coming into championship season for swimming, districts was tonight and tomorrow.   The kids swam really fast and made him happy. A new district record, sectional cuts, best times and several state qualifiers.   He is looking forward to having everyone healthy for states, and swimming even faster.  I have a feeling it is going to be hard to keep him down!

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