Saturday, March 20, 2010

Casey and I played a round of pitch and putt golf today.  He beat me by 2 strokes.  You know you are a bad golfer when a cancer patient beats you!  He was not stopping, but when we got home he admitted that he over did it today.
Casey is back to going up for daily visits.  His regiment of going up every other day was short lived (he only had 2 days off).  He is starting to show mild signs of graft vs. host disease and his counts are down.  I am glad they are keeping on top of things.  Tuesday will be a big day for him.  He will see his opthamologist for the first time since his transplant.  Four years ago, he lost sight in his left eye while going through chemo and radiation treatments.  He started seeing Dr. Neely at Hershey Med. and then went to Will's Eye Center in Philadelphia to see the top eye cancer specialist in the country, who confirmed his eye doctor in Hershey is doing a great job.  He went through 2 eye surgery's and other than loss of some peripheral vision things are looking good.  She does some periodic laser treatments to him, and reattached his detached retina.  I love this lady, but you never know what she is going to find.
We have been watching the state swim meet on television, and it occurred to me that Casey's story would make a good movie of the week.  Coaching these kids from his hospital bed, them turning in great times and places, swimmer of the meet and meet record, etc.  I have a call in to Sandra Bullock, I think she would do a good job of playing me.  Maybe Will Farrell could play Gary.  We need to get Danny Devito in there somewhere.  Any suggestions on who could play about Margaret, Mrs. Karr, etc.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Maybe we can turn this into a mini series.


  1. Okay, this is the second time I'm typing this just wrote this whole long blog and when I went to send it, I lost my connection, ugh!!! So glad Casey did not come up to States, that would have been way too much for him. Not sure what graft vs. host disease is but I know Casey will overcome whatever it is, he is one tough cookie. Good luck on tues.!!

    Now as far as the movie is concerned, it would be a great one. First I would have Matthew McConaghey (?) play Casey, he is my favorite actor, Nicolette Sheridan for Stevie and Miley Cyrus for Emily, really Hannah Montana, ha, ha, ha!!! For me I would play some random nurse so that I could tie Casey down to refrain him from overdueing things, for example trying to come up to States!!!

    Well have a good day, enjoy the beautiful weather and Happy Spring :-)

  2. I like the idea of being hannah montana! :)


  3. I like the idea of Mom and Casey enjoying this gorgeous week-end together. What a nice reminder of the new life that lies before us. God does give us miracles! Spring and new beginnings are all around us!

    May his blessings continue to be with the Cobles!

  4. If you watch American Idol, there is a singer actually named Casey! They even look alike.