Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casey had another day off today, and what a beautiful day it was outside.  He spent the day playing catch with the dogs and watching the swimming results.  The results from the swim meet were incredible.  Congratulations on great swims to everyone.  PA high school states is an electric atmosphere.  Everyone, swimmers and fans, are pumped up.  I miss that meet, but I don't miss standing in line for hours.  Tonight everyone will kick back and celebrate.  Have fun.  These are memories that you will always cherish. 
Casey's counts have pretty much been the same.  White blood is .9 which means he is still neutropenic, so he can not be around people or eat any fresh foods.  He has been getting a lot of cards which he enjoys.  I wish we could respond to the blog responses individually, but we can't.  The responses have been a lot of fun to read.  I especially wish I could respond to some of the people who have posted that I haven't heard from in a long time.  It is nice to know you all care.  Please know how much your support has been a shining light through all of this. 
Thank you,


  1. Bet the sunshine felt good, Casey. This will be short and sweet as we are a little exhausted, so glad it's over, too much pressure at the State meet. Emily Cameron swimmer of the meet was just awesome!!! You've done a fine job with her, she has really matured as a swimmer/person, but she has a great role model too. Take care and enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, keep those counts climbing.

  2. I wasn't surprised to read that Emily was one of your swimmers Casey. I knew you'd be a great coach and I'm sure it's been very hard for you not to be able to be there with them. Enjoy these nice days. Our thoughts and prayer continue to be with you!