Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26, 2014

We made it home last Saturday evening March 15th. We left on Thursday immediately following Casey's bone marrow biopsy. There was no waiting for results, he was ready to get on the road. It was a long drive. We took a different route home than we took down. We went through Arkansas. Arkansas was a boring state. We got to Nashville on Friday around 5:00. Since I had never been there, we decided to stop for dinner. We hit the downtown area and traffic was at a crawl and we really didn't have a plan, so we ended up getting back on the highway and stopped to eat at a Chilie's. We thought Bristol would be a good stop for the night, only to find a NASCAR race was being held there that weekend. Another foiled idea. Thank goodness for satellite radio. I am sure Casey enjoyed my singing. I really do a good rendition of Billy Joel's Piano Man. When we got to Casey's house, we were greeted by 3 excited dogs.
The following Thursday. Casey went with his swimmers to a Virginia Tech for sectionals, where he was very proud of the way they swam. I don't know why he didn't request my company for that road trip.
He had a little glitch with his prescription and it took 3 days to get it squared away. In Houston he had his personal pharmacist, Jason, who would be there during his doctor visits and was always available to take care of problems. That was a service that I am sure he will miss. Back to the real world which includes income taxes, but I know he rather do taxes and argue with CVS than be back at the hospital. He will have to make a trip back out to Houston for an appointment on April 9th. Until then he is enjoying freedom and good health.


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  2. This is so good to hear that he is home! I just love your humor, Peg!

  3. Peggy you are the only person I know who could turn a tough time into a chuckle! I am sure you both had a wonderful road trip even if you sang all the time! I did those long trips with both Kate and Jenn they are times that make memories! Prayers are with you all. Maybe we can get together sometime