Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014

I arrived last Wednesday and Gary left. My plane arrived on time and Gary's was delayed. I got off of the plane and Gary was standing there. It was nice to see him for 5 minutes.
We just got back from the hospital. Casey has been cleared to leave tomorrow. He does have a rash which might have prevented him from being allowed to go home. His rash has gotten a lot better in the past week, so they removed his port and told him after his bone marrow biopsy tomorrow afternoon he is able to go home. He was rehearsing what he would say if they told him no. He is so ready to get home. He does have to come back for another appointment on April 9th. We did have a lot time away from the hospital this week. We went to the driving range, the rodeo and the park. I even got him to go to the mall with me. Things really are bigger in Texas, the mall is huge. There were also swim meets to keep up with online.
Now we are starting to pack up the car for the long drive home. Hopefully I can bring some of this warm weather home with me.

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