Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013

The transplant took place yesterday without a hitch. Stevie spent the night in a hospital room on the 12th floor and Casey is on the 18th. Stevie was discharged today. She is going to spend the night in a hotel with Gary. I imagine it will be nice to get out of the hospital. Gary had a rough time getting to Houston. His flight was delayed a couple of times and then cancelled. He was rebooked on another airline and finally landed in Houston 13 hours after leaving home this morning. Our neighbors are driving to Texas today and he jokingly said "I'll race you". It was a lot closer race than we imagined. He has still not arrived at the hospital. Stevie is sore today, but feeling ok. Casey's counts are falling quickly. Now we wait for engraftment. His first transplant never engrafted, his second one didn't engraft until they started prepping him for a 3rd transplant. The next few weeks will be tedious.
Stevie gave Casey a present today. I have attached the photo. She gave him a coffee cup and a tee shirt with the same saying. Do you think she is enjoying this?

Update....Gary has finally arrived at the hospital

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