Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

Casey's pain in his port is not due to a damaged muscle, but due to a blood clot. They gave him medicine to try to dissolve the clot, but it did not do the trick. Today they are going to remove his port and put another one in his arm. They traditionally do not do a transplant through a line in the arm, but they feel as though they can pull it off. His pain has subsided a bit as long as he doesn't try to use his arm (and they keep giving him pain medicine). Casey is not allowed out of his area, so his walks are confined to up and down the hall. He is feeling pretty tired. Stevie will be arriving in Houston tomorrow, that should perk him up. She got a real nice send off from her swimmers. This is a photo from last week. I wonder what the faces will look like this week.

Caroline sends them both a kiss.

Stevie's Send off


  1. Prayers are with you all. Never seems like the easy road for Casey. Hope the port change is a good solution and all else goes great! Thanks for your updates Peggy you always say things with a chuckle that brings a smile to all of us. Know many of your friends are with you in prayer and thoughts.

  2. Oh I do pray the port will not be a problem and that all procedures go well. Prayers for you too, Mamma.