Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16, 2013

Casey got into his room last night. He is not feeling great. He thinks they tore his pectoral muscle when putting his port in. This is the 4th or 5th port he has had in his chest, so he has a lot of scar tissue to work around. I have not talked to him yet today because he has not been able to sleep the last couple of nights, so hopefully with the help of drugs, he is catching up.
His mailing address is:
Paul Casey Coble
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Room #G1876
1515 Holcombe Boulevard
Houston,Tx. 77030

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  1. I read all your posts & pray for his full recovery. I'm so glad you posted an address so I can send a card or two. Something I'm good at (LOL) Even tho I never met Casey, I hope one day I'll meet him & give him a hug. He's a strong person to go through all of the things he's gone through. Proud of him. Get well Casey, there's an Army of people behind you !!!!