Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013

I arrived in Houston yesterday. Due to a late flight and a slow shuttle, I missed Casey's appointment with Dr. Thomas. He filled me in. They are going ahead with the transplant as scheduled on November 22nd. Casey immediately had his pick line removed. Today we were apartment hunting. We found 2, now we have to choose. It is like House Hunters MD Anderson. Stevie will come down here on November 10th and start her testing on November 11th. Charlie and Melissa are allowing her to stay at their house. I know Stevie is anxious to see them. Charlie was her coach throughout high school. She hasn't seen Connor since he was a baby. Casey is having Caroline look into flights so he can spend Christmas with his puppy. She wants to fly first class, so I think we will have to leave her at home.
Tomorrow it is back to the hospital for EKG, echo cardiogram, complete pulmonary function and dental exams and a clinical visit with the clinical research coordinator. This week has turned out different than we had planned, but we are getting a lot done,

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  1. How wonderful!!! I am so happy for Casey and for all of you!