Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011

I have not posted for a couple of days because Casey wanted his swimmers to focus on themselves and not him. Great job to all of the LAC swimmers at districts.  Casey has been paying attention, but we have taken his phone away from him.  The fever has finally gone away, but one of the medications he was on caused him to hallucinate.  He was responding to text messages with some pretty bizarre comments.  He was coaching people on their swimming techniques as they came into his room.  My sister stopped in yesterday and he told her she needs to do a flat start instead of a track start.  He had patient sitters with him around the clock.  When the new on arrived this morning, he told her to stay to the right and don't false start.  So Casey was with you guys in his own little world.  The hallucinations have stopped now and his sitters have been released.  The doctors feel his problems are due to graft vs. host disease.  They took him off of his anti rejection medications prior to his last dose of chemo.  Between the chemo and no meds, there is a fight between the donated cells and the leukemic cells going on.  He has had 2 bone marrow biopsies.  The results of the first one showed the leukemia is still in there, but the numbers were greatly reduced.  The results of the second on were pretty much the same as the first one.  They are encouraged by the graft vs. host, thinking it will kill off all of the bad cells and they will not have to do the mini transplant.  Things are starting to look up.
Thank you for all of your prayers and support.


  1. Emily got a text from Casey and was laughing about it so it all makes sense. Kids had a great meet! Paige did a 1:07.05 and without a doubt should be state bound. What a fast meet it was! Get well Casey!

  2. I am sure Casey texted em" eat more eggos. eat more buttered noodles!"