Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

Things have really changed in a week.  Casey is doing great.  He went to High School states on Saturday afternoon and back to work on Monday.  High school states was a really fast meet, we saw state and national records broken.  Congratulations to everyone who participated, you showed all the other states PA is a powerhouse. We were in the lobby talking to somebody, when the people running the meet came up to me and gave me instructions about entering with the handicapped people.  I was standing with bald and skinny Casey the cancer patient, and Gary, and they singled me out as disabled.  I had to explain to these people twice that I am perfectly able to enter with everyone else.  These last couple of weeks must have been a lot rougher on me than I realized.  Gary and Casey did not let that one go.  Thank you Betty and Erik for getting us the tickets.
Casey is headed down to Virginia Tech (Gary's alma mater) this weekend.  He is getting a ride with the parents of his swimmers. I think Gary is a little disappointed that he doesn't have to take him down.
Tomorrow Casey has an appointment with Dr. Ehmann.  Hopefully his diabetes and liver are getting better. The improvement has been so great this past week that I should be satisfied, but there is always hope.

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