Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Casey has been getting shots of neupogen daily to boost his counts.  Sunday his white blood count was .1, Monday .2, Tuesday .5 and today 1.0.  He is not neutropenic for the first time in over 3 months!  He is eating strawberries and loving it.  He had a salad for lunch today and if I know Casey, he will eat a hoagie tomorrow.  I am afraid to get too excited, after the last transplant his count was 1.0 for 3 days and then they started falling off again.  Today was his last shot of neupogen, so let's hope his counts hold.  On Monday, Casey was having severe back pain which morphine could not control.  I am hoping that was his bone marrow engrafting and growing some cells.....again, I can't let myself get too excited, but I can be hopeful.  Meanwhile, Casey will enjoy the foods he was not able to eat for a long time.  Maybe he will even get permission to go out to eat and I won't have to cook!

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