Thursday, June 3, 2010

Casey had another great check up today.  His white count is up to 2.3!  Stevie had the night off, so the four of us were able to go out to eat.  It's been 4 months, and I finally had a night off of cooking!  It sure was worth the wait.  I must admit, I did not have to cook this past weekend.  Casey's Aunt Debbie babysat and fed him on Saturday and Sunday so Gary and I could go to the beach.  Anyone who knows Debbie will realize it was Dwayne, and not her, who did the cooking.  Certainly no one was complaining.  I can't thank them enough for taking such good care of him.  Debbie took him up to Hershey on a day when he needed blood and magnesium, which was a 6 hour wait.  The next day was not nearly as long, but that is when he had the back pain.  Debbie and Dwayne took care of everything along the way, while I was on the boat in the bay.  Something seems wrong with that picture.  On Monday night, the doctor on call advised Casey to take 4 Motrim in addition to 2 doses of morphine, which made him throw up and his nose bleed (his platelets went down to 5).  At least he saved that for me!


  1. What great news!!!

    Love the dogs in their lifejackets, too

  2. There is nothing I would have rather done...spend time with Casey and make Dwayne cook! My parents (Casey's grandparents) also got to spend the evening with us to make it a very nice holiday. I loved every minute of it, even if I was picked on over and over for a few silly comments. Jeez!
    Aunt Debbie