Friday, June 18, 2010

Casey had another great check-up today.  He does not have to go back up to Hershey until his appointment with Dr. Ehmann on Tuesday.  He got the results of his chimerism test (which, I think, is basically a cell count).  The test revealed he is now 89% young stud, 11% duke baby, 0% french baby, and 0% Casey Coble.  It really is kind of freaky what they are able to do. I am all for it, as long as it makes him healthy again.  After his appointment, he spent the afternoon with his friend, Matt, who is laid up from a bicycle accident. Matt has been a really good friend to Casey through his ordeal.  He has stepped in to help coach at LAC and had his 4th graders make cards for Casey that were so entertaining.  Casey took Matt for xrays and then out to lunch.  What a team, I call them Cancer and Crash.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hi Peggy, Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

  2. So happy things are going better for Casey and all of you. Enjoy your Father's Day Mr. Coble!!!