Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Thursday, Casey has a day full of tests to make sure he is ready for the transplant.  First stop is with his doctor, who will go over the transplant in detail with us, telling us what to expect.  He will then have another bone marrow biopsy, an echocardiogram and a pulminary test to make sure his heart and lungs are in good enough shape to withstand the procedure. I have a feeling we will come away with a lot of questions, so we have Aunt Debbie going with us as an extra set of ears, and her well educated mind.  I have not been able to read the literature they gave me.  I start getting a bit freaked, and put it to the side, but Dr. Ehmann has a calming way of conveying information.  Hopefully we will get back from the hospital in time on Thursday for me to be able to post more information.

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