Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Final preparations are being made for Casey's hibernation at Hershey Medical Center.  Friday morning he will have a new central line put in.  A central line is a port for dispensing his medicine intravenously.  They put tubes into his veins under his skin and through the outside on his chest.  So rather than having to stick him with needles constantly, they administer his chemo through the outside opeings of his port.  They wanted to use a different one than the one he had in before, so he has gone 2 weeks with no tubes hanging out of his chest.  His cats thought the tubes were toys the way they dangled and would swat at them while he was trying to sleep.  They also make taking a shower a bit of a challange.  We have to tape up the tubes and seal the openings on his chest with plastic covers.  Casey was not able to take daily showers, so he may not have smelled the best, but at least his hair was never a mess.  His hair is starting to come back in.  He has a 5:00 shadow on his head.  I have also enrolled the puppies (Annie and Bowie) into Doggie Day Care.  That place has no idea what they are getting into.  Every day at 1:00 they have nap time, where they dim the lights and put a movie in for them to watch for an hour.  Other times of the day they have sofas to sit on and friends to socialize with.  Casey, Annie and Bowie have gotten so attached, it is going to be hard for them to be apart for a month.  I have a feeling Casey will be calling them on the phone.  I know I would never get away with trying to convince the staff they are therapy dogs.  They love life and are happy to see everyone.  Let's pray everything goes smooth and easy, so Annie and Bowie can have their Casey home with them fast.

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  1. Hello Cobles! You are in our thoughts & prayers! Gd. luck to u!!! Because of you Casey, I recieved a call from the Bone Marrow Donor Org., to pursue further testing. I may be a match for a 48yr. old Female with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Even though, we weren't a match for you, I hope I can help someone out there! Best wishes to you in this Journey! Deb Ramsey