Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Casey was at the hospital yesterday to get a seasonal and an H1N1 vaccination.  They also took about a gallon of blood from him (give or take a few quarts) and are testing him for just about everything, to make sure he is ready for the transplant.  Dr. Ehmann is on vacation this week, but Janet who is his nurse was filling Casey in on some details. Next week we will have a consultation to get all of the information and to prepare us for what is to come.  They have reserved the umbilical cords that are compatible for Casey's transplant (I am not sure what part of the world they are in at this point - but thank you to whoever had the knowledge and compassion to donate them to marrow.org).  I am anxious to get to the next step, but am very thankful that his doctor's are taking their time to make sure he has the best situation for the safest outcome.
Please keep those prayers coming!

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