Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 3, 2014

Casey had another visit to Houston on May 14th. I went with him. We arrived on Tuesday evening, checked into our hotel and had some delicious Texas barbecue for dinner. His first appointment was at 9:00 at the hospital. He had his blood drawn, had a survivorship meeting, had a bone marrow biopsy, saw his transplant doctor, had a bone density test and then got an immune globulin infusion. We ran from appointment to the next with no time for lunch. I wore my shoes out that day. He had a bit of a reaction to the infusion, so they gave him some medicine and slowed the drip rate. We finally left the hospital at 11:00pm and caught a 9:00am flight into North Carolina. Casey met his team in North Carolina and I got a connection into Baltimore. I was waiting for my connection to Baltimore when I saw a Shane, a friend that got married and moved to the Chapel Hill area. He was on my flight!! They were going home for a long weekend, his family was throwing a baby shower for him and his wife. We sat together on the plane and talked the whole way home. It was the quickest flight I was ever on. It has been a couple of years since I saw him, and I had never met his wife, so we had a lot to catch up on. I stopped at Stevie's house on my way home, so it was a good day.
Casey finally got all the results of his tests yesterday. The years of chemo have left him with some thinning of his bones, so he is on a vitamin D supplement. He is now 100% Stevie, with no signs of leukemia. Any of you who know Stevie, know how stubborn she is. There is no way her DNA will allow any of those darn leukemia blasts to get in! They also discontinued the shots he was giving himself for the blood clots, and have cut his visits to his doctor in Hershey down to every other week instead of weekly. He is now able to do most everything. He still has to be careful with his immune system. But all in all it was a fantastic 6 month post transplant visit.


  1. That's such great news! All the prayers and thoughts from family and friends seem to have done him good. Much love to the entire Cobld family!

  2. That IS good news! I hope he has had a great summer and is still doing well.