Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014

Part one and two of the mini transplant went off without a hitch. The only hitch has been the weather. Eric is not able to get here tonight due to the storm in Atlanta. My flight was cancelled to go home today too. Eric is now scheduled to arive tomorrow and I am booked on flight home on Friday. This actually works out well with his modified transplant schedule. He had to remain in the hospital until 3:00 which would mean I would have to leave for my flight and he would have to drive himself back to the apartment. The boost is done as an outpatient. It is called the Sleeping Beauty. The cells are somehow infused with cancer killing molecules to replace his defective chromosone which causes his blood cancer. It is injected into him where it lays dormant unless it is needed to go to work. If the cancer comes back, it should attack and kill the leukemia blasts. The test for graft vs host have not been competed, but his doctor does feel thsre is some present. The treatment for GVHD is steroids which will kill the Sleeping Beauty cells, but his doctor feels it is worth the risk to move ahead with the boost. His doctor told him he has to stay in Houston for 4 more weeks, which did not make Casey happy. He is so ready to get home to his dog, swimmers and normal life. The UNC vs dook game was also cancelled for tonight. It has not been the best day for Casey. I am anxious for Eric to get here as a nice and welcome diversion. You guys are the best! Also, thank you to Jen and Kathleen for letting Griff and Eric come out here to spend time with Casey.

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