Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013

Casey had some visitors today. Paige Daniel and her family stopped in to visit. Paige is one of Casey's swimmers at Lancaster Aquatic Club. She graduated from high school and is off to Bucknell in the fall. Her family (mother, father, sister and brother) were in Texas for a family vacation, and took the time to stop in and see Casey before flying home today. That was nice.
This round of chemo has been real easy on Casey (so far). He is supposed to be discharged tomorrow. We can celebrate Father's Day without our dads. I am sure Gary is happy to watch the golf match tomorrow and hopefully my dad will know we are thinking of him. We will call to remind them.

Following is a poem written by Gary's cousin's granddaughter.


It's been years and years
Everyone watched as you struggled
Your in my prayers
There is no trouble

Sadley your cancer has come back
Don't worry, don't let it get you off track
You've fought for years, do it some more
Before you know it you will be walking out those hospital doors

Your with the best of the best
So take a deep breath
You need to stay strong
Your where you belong

The family is thinking of you
Everyone can't wait to see you
Your in everyones thoughts, everyones prayers
Don't worry Casey, hang in there

Thank you Sammie. I couldn't have said it better!

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