Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013

Casey continues to be doing well. He left on Wednesday for a swim meet in California. I have not heard much from him while he has been there. He is coming home late Monday night, and Casey and I are driving to Houston on Tuesday morning. He is scheduled to check in the hospital on Thursday morning to start round #2 of 5. I will definitely have saddle sores when we arrive in Texas. I am figuring it will take 22 - 24 hours. We are not taking Gary with us. He is no good on road trips, so he has graciously offered to stay at home with the dogs (that is if you consider "No way am I riding in a car that long" a gracious offer). I will be flying home on June 18th and leaving Casey's car in Texas so he will have transportation to get back and forth to the hospital when he is discharged.
Next time I post will be from Houston.

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